Streamline Quoting to Maximize Your Profits

Simplify your customer quoting process to save hours of time per day generating quotes, with custom pricing and product availability for each customer to ensure you’re charging the best price possible. 

Value Props


Easy to Use

Built from the ground up to enable any user to make the appropriate adjustments to pricing, review those for any customer, and send out custom branded quotes, with only a few clicks.


Fine Tune Quickly

Adjust availability on the fly when a terminal goes down, when a particular customer is getting a deal for a day, or when inventory is short so prices are temporarily up. And if something changes during the day, easily send a second quote to whoever you need.


Integrate Into Your Operations:

As customers order fuel, make sure the prices you quoted them flow through your system to your back office to reduce the customer complaints that the price they were charged was different from what they were quoted.

Real Time

Additional Features


Eliminate bad quotes going to customers

Preview any quote you want before sending to the customer to make sure they’re always getting the correct price, and avoid those expensive money losing loads.


See the margin on each load as they’re completed

With our integrated operations, you can review each load as it’s completed to see how profitable they are, enabling you to adjust pricing and strategy immediately.


See any historical quote when there’s a pricing question

All your data is stored in our system forever, so you can go back to any day to see what was quoted to any individual customer. No more scrolling through your email hoping to find the one that you need proving what price you sent.

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