Maximize Your Profit On Every Load

You can make hundreds of dollars on a single load in this environment if you pull from the best supplier at the best terminal. Make sure you’re picking the right one, every single time, with our best buy module.

Value Props


Dynamically Generated

Supply is constantly changing, and so your best buy needs to as well. Easily adjust to mid day price changes, allocation outages, or terminals going down so you don’t waste precious cents per gallon that could’ve gone straight to your bottom line.


Incorporate Your Constraints

Take into account all aspects of a true best buy, from allocation limits to accurate freight rates to early payment discounts, all coming together to give you the most accurate information possible.


Decision Guidance

Our system will always default a new load to the best possible sourcing option, but give you the ability to override it as there are some times when only a wise dispatcher can make the appropriate call.

Real Time

Additional Features


Quickly build loads using the best sourcing options automatically

Build loads straight from the best buy screen, so you can make sure the pull point that maximizes your profits is the one selected.


Integrate with our tank monitoring system to easily make changes as new pricing becomes available

When prices change, easily review the remaining loads for the day and what’s planned for tomorrow to take advantage of price swings in combination with our leading machine learning forecasting algorithms.


Review historical decisions to ensure the right decisions are made

We track which loads used the best options, which didn’t, and why they didn’t, so you can adjust your strategy going forward to earn more profit from every load.

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