The Modern Petroleum Distribution Platform

DashFuel is an easy to use solution for managing all your loads, from creation to delivery. We offer quoting, best buy, tank monitoring, dispatching, in cab app, data reconciliation, freight billing, and integration to your back office so whatever your operational needs are, we can help you.


More Than Software.

We’re not just selling a great product. We’re building a partnership with you to ensure our software meets your needs today, tomorrow, and a generation from now.


Simple And Intuitive.

Our software is easy to use because it’s been designed and built alongside a group of experienced owners, dispatchers, drivers, and accountants.


Seamless Integration.

Real time connection between drivers, dispatchers, and accountants means same day invoicing and no more duplicate data entry.


Simplify Your Workflows

Save thousands of hours per year by consolidating operational processes into a single, modern platform.


Enter data once. Use it everywhere

Once a load is created, that data flows throughout the platform and into your back office through integrations, eliminating duplicate data entry and errors.


Save time and money

Save hours per day by eliminating paperwork and getting rid of unnecessary manual steps like paperwork matching and manual verifications.


Seamlessly adjust loads

If changes need to be made, make them once and the system will cascade those changes to all relevant areas.


Sophisticated Technology

Leverage sophisticated technology to ensure your operations run as seamlessly as possible

Real Time Mobile

Machine learning

Use the latest machine learning models to accurately predict when sites need additional fuel, even when unexpected events occur.


Real time syncing

Make sure drivers and dispatchers are always in sync on the status of loads.


Customized software

Custom feature flags mean your deployment can easily be adjusted to fit your workflows without any onboarding delays.

— Testimonials

The onboarding process with DashFuel was very efficient. I’ve talked with other folks who took multiple years to onboard with other older software, while DashFuel was able to get us live in less than three months. I felt spoiled with how easy it was.


Operations Manager

At first, I was nervous about having to train all our drivers on new software. It turned out to be really easy. I was able to train new drivers in less than five minutes by myself. I just had to show them once and they picked it up right away.



Having DashFuel as our partner has been amazing. I know I do things a little different then others in the business, but they were able to show me how their software could meet my needs, tweaking things where needed and actually showing me ways to do things better.



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